Company History

More than 40 years of doing business successfully with a unique niche.

Prestress Concrete Inc. ( PCI ) was initiated by Walter E. Alvarez, a Professional Engineer in the state of Florida.

Freshly out of school, Mr. Alvarez was hired as a design engineer by Prestress Systems Inc. ( PSI ), the pioneer company of this system. After years of acquiring ample experience engineering, Mr. Alvarez founded Prestress Concrete Inc. (PCI), a similar company at a market entry scale. The move proved to be successful and the hard years it took to establish a solid base for the business plus the system’s generosities turned PCI into an industry leader.

PCI has mainly maintained a regional presence. The South Florida market has been its big target although projects are being realized throughout the entire state. It is not far-fetched to think that in the near future PCI will embark its product line and service around the country.

Although PCI specializes in the fabrication and installation of precast prestressed concrete joists and soffit beams, other precast products have been added. PCI is now engaged in the fabrication of double tees and its complimentary members, marina components, and other miscellaneous concrete products.

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